STARTER Experience, June 2018 Berlin

Exact dates to be announced.

All lessons (including acting, theory, voice and movement training, on-camera techniques, text analysis, and scene and monologue work) will take place at the STARTER Berlin Acting School for Film and Television from Monday to Friday. In addition, participants will be involved in various program-related activities scheduled during the week and on weekends throughout Berlin.


STARTER Experience is a special program, created to introduce participants to the school and to acquaint themselves with the European, particularly German style of acting. We welcome international participants to be a part of our ongoing coursework along with our current students.

This consists of :
minimum 20  hours of training in English per week with the STARTER students.

  • 2 hours twice a week, physical training with various teachers.
  • 3 hours, Speech and Voice training.
  • 3 hours, “ Attention“ and “Non-verbal Communication“ with Annika Olbrich.
  • 2-4 hours, Improvisation and analysing the parameters of acting, with Christine Knauff.
  • 3-6 hours, method acting / personal growth work with Mario Golden.
  • 3 hours, text analysis with Andreas Robertz.
  • 2 extra-sessions with Kristian Nekrasov.

As an addition, scene rehearsal for the demoscenes. Supplementary “ Thematic “evening sessions.  A Theatre or Film visit with the group, followed by a discussion.

Along with the STARTER students, there is a possibility to acquaint oneself with the Camera/Direction students of Filmarche Berlin, who often visit STARTER.  While working and exchanging ideas with students, there will be opportunities to develop and  create collaborative projects.  There is room for a lot to happen, though it is not a must.

The STARTER Experience is, as the name suggests, an intensive collective experience. The commitment, the joy of working and the wishes expressed by the participants will help the Experience take shape.

STARTER situated in the heart of Berlin will provide the basics such as the class rooms, the classes and the teachers will be available for guidance and suggestions.
The participants can from here on, set on an adventure through the city on their own.

Fee: 1200 euros,  including minimum 80 hours of learning and the demo show reel.


Every participant will receive a certificate upon completion of the International Summer Acting Program in Berlin.

Included in your tuition fee:
In the final week of the program participants will shoot demo scenes directed by one of their teachers. These scenes will be created using professional camera and lighting equipment and shot by an experienced filmmaker.

Every participant will receive a demo scene he/she will be able to take home and use as part of his/her showreel.

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