Impressions from STARTER Experience 2018



The STARTER Experience 2018 took place in the monthe of July this year. It was a month full of hard work and a lot of fun. The regular classes and the lessons by our faculty from New York kept the participants on their toes.



Is there a real difference between the acting methods in germany and else where?

Is acting culture or language specific?

Do actors need to train themselves in a particular manner when acting in a language, a country unknown to them?


Such and many more questions were dealt with during the intensive month. The participants could interact with the teachers. Have one-on-one conversations.

Method Acting, taught by Mario Golden and Andreas Robertz, was the highlight of the course. One has heard of the term many a times, in various contexts and with diistinct connotations and interpretation. These sessions were designed to take one away from discerning the theories and experience the impact.


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